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Latest Projects (Selection)

  • Disclosure and Prevention of Sexual Violence against Male Children and Youth (2013-2016). This project aims at the prevention of sexual violence against male children and youth. The Institute for Masculinity Research and Gender Studies is one of the cooperating partners of Dissens – Institut für Bildung und Forschung (Germany).
  • In 2011-2012 the EU-study The Role of Men in Gender Equality – European strategies & insights (Scambor, Wojnicka & Bergmann, 2013), supported by the European Union Programme  for Employment and Social Solidarity – PROGRESS (2007-2013) undertook the first systematic and comparative research in the 27 EU Member States and in 4 EFTA states, in order to provide a better knowledge of the role and positioning of men in gender equality issues.
  • Based on the EU-study ‘The Role of Men in Gender Equality’ researchers of the Institute for Masculinity Research and Gender Studies and L&R Socialresearch (Vienna) published the book Changes in gender relations? The Role of Men in Austria compared to Europe (Bergmann, Scambor & Scambor, 2014).
  • The EU- Project Evaluation of European Perpetrator Programmes (IMPACT) (Daphne-III-project) (2013-2014)improved the quality of European programmes for perpetrators of domestic violence. The improvement strategy based on the development of tools and methodologies to harmonise and enhance the monitoring and evaluation of the results of work with perpetrators in European countries.
  • Boys in atypical occupations (2014, development for a job orientation tool for boys, funded by the Public Employment Service Austria (Arbeitsmarktservice).
  • The Green Paper Health Promotion for Men in Styria (Männergesundheitsförderung Steiermark, 2012-2013) collected questions, ideas, best-practise examples and perspectives to encourage men’s health in the Province of Styria.
  • Evaluation of Men’s work in Austria (2012-2013)
  • Gender analysis of the Landesschulrat Salzburg, which is the education authority in the Province of Salzburg (2011-2012)
  • Evaluation of Segame (2012), a project which fosters mental health of African immigrants by empowerment and improving their access to psychosocial assistance.
  • IGIV – Implementation Guidelines for intersectional peer violence prevention. This EU-Project (Grundtvig, life-long learning programme, 2009-2011):  This project developed an intersectionality extended approach to education and social work.