One of the key aims of the Institute is to foster gender mainstreaming at local, national and international level. Therefore the Institute is integrated into local, national and international networks.

The Institute is part of the Association for Men and Gender Issues Styria and can strongly benefit from this position at the interface to psychosocial praxis.

The Association for Men and Gender Issues Styria is networking in different areas, e.g. through the networks Plattform gegen Gewalt in der Familie (platform against domestic violence), AMÖ (Austrian working group of men’s councelling centres and other men centres) and Gender Lab Graz. The Institute is using these networks when generating social science data in different research areas and disseminating research results. National research and education networks are used as well.

The Institute has numerous and long-standing experience in international cooperation with science and education organizations in member countries of EU, EFTA and OECD.

Researchers of the Institute are members of scientific societies such as the ÖGS (Austrian Society of Sociology) and the DeGEval (Society for Evaluation). The Institute is also a full member of the Wissenschaftskonferenz Österreich (Austrian Science Conference).